This year's banquet will feature a presentation on the Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village.

CJEC 2018 Banquet
Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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The Canton Regional Society of Professional Engineers (CRSPE) was concerned with the frequent conflicts in program dates, which occurred between the various engineering societies in the Canton area. In September 1962, the CRSPE News Bulletin published the programs and other meeting information of six engineering societies, which had members in the Canton Regional area. The number of societies furnishing information varied from month to month, and often there were no notices published.

Tom Morgan, coordinator of Engineers Week activities for CRSPE, invited ten area engineering societies to send representatives to a meeting on April 17, 1969 to discuss the idea of a multi-society sponsored Engineers Week in February 1970. It had previously been conducted by CRSPE only. There was general agreement to cooperate and a follow-up meeting was set for November 20, 1969.

The November 20, 1969 meeting was held at the Logan Restaurant (since burned down) and in addition to discussing the various activities for Engineers Week, a comprehensive discussion was led by Mr. Kai Licht about the Akron ACESS organization and the advantages of a similar Canton organization. Most societies indicated they were definitely interested in the prospect of such a Canton group, but would like further details before obligating their organizations. Mr. Kai Licht agreed to chair a subcommittee to draft a proposed constitution for a similar group of the Canton Engineering societies (per November 20, 1969 meeting minutes by Tom Morgan).

The first draft of the proposed constitution was presented at the January 15, 1970 meeting by Kai Licht, chairman of the Joint Societies By-Law Committee for review by each society and returned with constructive criticism.

The group met monthly and from various names proposed it was decided at the March 19, 1970 meeting to call the new joint society The Canton Joint Engineering Council. The "The" was later dropped.

At the June 18, 1970 meeting, Bill Lyon from IEEE was appointed chairman of a committee with J. Brunner from ASM and H. Miller from ASME to devise and present by-laws for operation of the CJEC. Also, in addition to the regular Engineers Week committees, (Tickets, Program, Engineer-for-a-Day, Displays, and Publicity, all chaired by CRSPE members) the first Community Program was started by supplying technical literature to the new library facility at the Canton Area Technical School, now known as Stark Technical College. K. Lapplin, from SME, chaired the committee.

At the August 13, 1970 meeting it was decided that the dues to CJEC should be equal for participating societies regardless of the number of members in any individual society. Also, at this meeting the first slate of officers were elected.

President: Kai Licht (ASQC)
Vice President: W. J. Lyon (IEEE)
Treasurer: R. J. Mohler (CRSPE)
Secretary: T. J. Morgan (CRSPE)

The By-Laws were tentatively accepted at the October 8, 1970 meeting. The application to the State of Ohio for incorporation of the Canton Joint Engineering Council as a non-profit corporation was submitted on September 6, 1970.

On November 12, 1970 CJEC was officially established. Approved incorporation documents number B704, pages 390 through 393 dated October 8, 1970 had been received. The current CJEC Executive Secretary maintains possession of the originals. Tom Morgan was listed as Statutory Agent for the council. A slate of officers were then elected according to the By-Laws:

President: Kai Licht (ASQC)
Vice President: W. J. Lyons (IEEE)
Secretary: G. C. Fisher (AIIE)
Treasurer: R. R. Holfinger (AISE)
Executive Secretary: T. J. Morgan (CRSPE)

The Founding societies and their delegates to CJEC were:

  • AIIE: American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Stark County Chapter.
    Gary C. Fisher and Vern F. Graff
  • AISE: Association of Iron and Steel Engineers, Canton Section
    Robert R. Holfinger and Charles A. Zima
  • ASCE: American Society of Civil Engineers, Akron Section
    Richard C. Freidl and Bryan C. McCoy
  • ASM: American Society for Metals, Canton - Massillon
    John M. Brunner and Robert H. King
  • ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Canton, Alliance, Massillon Section
    Samuel R. Williams and Richard J. Dohrmann
  • ASQC: American Society for Quality Control, Akron - Canton Section
    Kai Licht and Harry R. Pletcher
  • CRSPE: Canton Regional Society of Professional Engineers
    C. Norris Smith and Herbert Barth
  • IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Inc., Canton Section
    John Schen and William Lyon
  • SME: Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Chapter 110
    Ken Laooin and James Anderson

Also the CJEC logo as designed by Robert B. Timpe of The Timken Co. was approved.

The objectives of CJEC were (and are):

Be the coordinating body for the annual observance of National Engineers Week in February
Bring the various engineering and scientific societies in Stark County into close association for public service

  • Cooperate in technical activities
  • Promote meetings of mutual interest
  • Conduct effective education programs
  • Assist in the establishment of library materials at the Stark Area Technical Institute
  • Assist Malone College in a program to educate engineers on the problems of pollution and devise means to improve the ecology

On April 12th, 1994 an Ad Hoc committee was formed to review the Constitution and By-Laws. The committee included Greg Mencer (Chairman), Vera Burton, Tim Boron, Frank Cimprich, Denny Dieffenbaugher, Dan Kessler, Rich LaRocco, Surinder Maheshwary, Jim Philips, Phil Roush and Mike Swintosky. They completed their review and submitted the revised Constitution and By-Laws to all CJEC member societies for approval on May 14th, 1996. The changes, which included the addition of a Historical Summary and a description of duties for CJEC officers and Committee Chairs were reviewed and approved by all member societies.